Summary of ISLPR | Marking Criteria

The following table provides the number of the ISLPR® proficiency level, the short name of each proficiency level, and the introductory summary description from the “General Description of Language Behaviour” of each level.  The full description of the proficiency at each level is much longer. Each description of each macroskill at each level fills an A4 page in three columns:  General Description of Language Behaviour, Examples of Language Behaviour, and Comment.  A full proficiency statement identifies each macroskill separately, e.g. S:1+, L:2, R:1, W:1+.

We have included a preview of the table below. To download the full table click here.

Number Name Short Description of Language Behaviour Examples of how the Language can be used at this Level
S:0, L:0, R:0, W:0 Zero Proficiency Unable to communicate in the language. Unable to use the language for any purpose.
S:0+, L:0+, R:0+, W:0+ Formulaic Proficiency Able to perform in a very limited capacity within the most immediate, predictable areas of own need, using essentially formulaic language. Single word utterances or simple formulae in predictable areas of need.
S:1-, L:1-, R:1-, W:1- Minimum ‘Creative’ Proficiency Able to satisfy own immediate, predictable needs, using predominantly formulaic language. Can make simple material purchases or give predictable information about self or immediate others.
S:1, L:1, R:1, W:1 Basic Transactional Proficiency Able to satisfy own basic everyday transactional needs. Can make basic transactions in familiar shops, institutions, public transport, restaurant, or in very basic social interactions (e.g. making an appointment).
S:1+, L:1+, R:1+, W:1+ Transactional Proficiency Able to satisfy own simple everyday transactional needs and limited social needs.

In ‘vocational’ (e.g. work) situations can communicate simple routine needs and provide basic details of less predictable occurrences; in social situations, can make introductions, give basic biographical information, and convey simple intentions or attitudes.