Dr David Ingram’s latest book!


Dr David Ingram’s latest book!

A Short History of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations

This book outlines the history of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations  (AFMLTA).  In doing so, it also outlines  the history of foreign language teaching  in Australia.  It will be of particular interest to:

  • all MLTA members around Australia
  • all language teachers
  • anyone interested in language teaching, especially in Australia
  • lecturers and students in language teacher education programmes
  • members of language teacher associations affiliated with FIPLV
  • anyone interested  in forming or running a professional association of language teachers.

The author, Dr David Ingram, AM, was President of the AFMLTA for 14 years and FIPLV Vice-President and Regional Representative for the S.E. Asia-S.W. Pacific region for 6 years.

This 400-page book has 6 chapters and 12 appendices:

  • Foreword: the background to the history
  • Chapter One: the nature and role of a professional association, the affiliated bodies, including the State and Territory MLTAs, the FIPLV, and other links.
  • Chapter Two: the AFMLTA and its growth from before 1962 to 2006.
  • Chapter Three: the AFMLTA’s publications, in particular Babel, the national journal, the Information Bulletin, various newsletters, etc.
  • Chapter Four: key issues such as professionalisation, advocacy to government, university entry requirements, technology, curricula, finance, language policy, and teacher quality and supply.
  • Chapter Five: very brief biographies of leading figures in the AFMLTA.
  • Chapter Six: Conclusion.
  • There are also twelve appendices including official documents as the Federation has evolved through its history while the last appendix includes significant photographs.

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