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All our Accredited ISLPR® Testers are trained by Dr David Ingram and accredited by the ISLPR® Global Accreditation Company (IGAC). All testers employed by ISLPR® Language Services hold a higher education degree in TESOL or applied linguistics and have undergone an extensive training and moderation program through the IGAC.

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Tests conducted from a temporary centre in the Sydney CBD by a local tester

All Accredited ISLPR® Tests* Price
Full ISLPR® Test (3 or 4 skills) $409.95
Part ISLPR® Test( any two skills) $319.95
One Skill Test (S/L/R) $319.95
Writing Test $259.95

*All tests conducted interstate and overseas where we do not have a permanent centre established will incur an extra surcharge. We currently only have permanent centres established in Brisbane and Melbourne.