ISLPR Language Services Summer English Course

A 6-week course designed to develop your reading and writing skills during the Summer holidays.

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This 6-week intensive course was designed to help ESL learners continue practising their English skills during a period when we find language regresses the most, holidays! The focus on this course is on developing a candidate's reading and writing skills, though there is a particularly strong focus on writing (the most problematic skill).

What can you expect? You will be sent a total of four workbooks  to complete during the 6-week course.  Each workbook will have a different focus (see the course outline below) and will provide theory and practicals to complete. You must complete the workbook and return it by the due date to receive feedback on the work completed. All workbooks that are submitted on time will be marked by an ISLPR tutor and feedback on how to improve will be provided.

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Enrolment opens: 07 November 2020

Enrolment closes: 30 November 2020.

Course Commencement:  18 December 2020.

Course Completion: 31 January 2021



Who is this course suitable for?

  • Any ESL learners who have basic English,
  • Teachers from overseas wishing to register to teach in Australia or New Zealand,
  • International students wanting to get into Australian or New Zealand universities, Colleges or Secondary Schools,
  • Other people wanting to get vocational registration in Australia or New Zealand,
  • Anyone wanting to improve their English skills over the Summer holidays.
What do you get?

  • 4 workbooks, each designed to focus on your reading and writing skills.
    • When enrolling it is important to provide as much information as possible. We will provide some questions in your workbook that are specific to your background and needs!
  • Every workbook you complete and submit by the due date will be marked by an ISLPR tutor and sent back with feedback.
  • All participants will be given access to Dr Ingram's lecture on "Developing your reading & writing skills" (RRP $45.00)
  • A payment plan is available to a select number of participants.

Due to the fast turnaround time when marking workbooks, places in this course will be limited to ensure our tutors can provide quality feedback to all participants

Will their be workshops?

No. The purpose of this course is to provide participants the opportunity to continue practising and developing their English skills over the Summer holidays. We recognise that the holidays are a time when it is more difficult for candidates to devote time to their language and therefore, we have cut the workshop hours and instead increased the amount of personalised feedback candidates will receive from our tutors.

What is the difference between the 14-week online course and the 6-week Summer course?

The 14-week course aimed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to self-correct their work and focused on all four macro-skills. This course focuses on reading and writing only and will provide participants with personalised feedback on the work they complete. Please note that there are no direct contact hours in this course. Participants in the 6-week Summer program are responsible for completing and submitting the workbooks by the due date in order to receive feedback from the course tutor.

If I did the 14-week online course can I do the 6-week Summer course?

You are more than welcome to take part in both courses though, due to the similar content in both, we recommend considering which course better suits your learning style. The way the two courses are delivered are quite different. The purpose of the 14-week course is to teach participants how to self-reflect and detect errors in their language. The 14-week course involves more contact hours where you are encouraged to engage in discussions during our live workshops. On the other hand, the purpose of the 6-week course is to focus more on your reading and writing skills and to complete the workbooks in your own time. There are no set contact hours in this course though questions may be asked in our group forum. Due to the increased personalised feedback in the 6-week course there is a price difference between the two courses.

Course Outline

Workbook 1 Reading & Writing 18 December 2020 03 January 2021 11 January 2021
Workbook 2 Writing Only 26 December 2020 03 January 2021 11 January 2021
Marking and Feedback Week
Workbook 3 Reading & Writing 08 January 2021 23 January 2021 01 February 2021
Workbook 4 Writing Only 15 January 2021 23 January 2021 01 February 2021


Important Information

Please note this is an online English course only. The aim of the course is to further develop your reading and writing skills. Therefore, you will not be eligible to use your course certificate for high stakes purposes. You must do the ISLPR test if you need to prove your proficiency for academic, professional or vocational purposes.

Where can I find out more?

Download our course description below for all the details.

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Download Course Information: 6 Week Summer Reading & Writing Course