6-Week Online Course | Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions for the Summer Course

  1. The course is intended to help you develop your English.
  2. This is not a test preparation course but a language development course. If you would like to familiarise yourself with the ISLPR test format, please read our
  3. The ISLPR test and an ISLPR rating are not included in the fees for this course.
  4. The certificate you are provided at the end of this course is a Certificate of Course Completion. It does not replace the need for you to take an ISLPR test for official purposes, such as teacher registration or university entrance.
  5. Though no course can honestly guarantee an outcome, many years of research have demonstrated that, if learners seriously follow the advice given throughout this course, their language is most likely to develop.
  6. Your success on this course depends on the effort you put into following up the advice provided. It is your responsibility to submit workbooks and questions on time. Workbooks must be emailed to info@islpr.org by the due date listed. If your workbook is received late, you will not receive feedback before the next workbook is sent.
  7. The course is intended for learners who have already achieved at least basic English proficiency. It focuses on areas of particular need that we have identified from testing and tutoring many candidates over the past 40 years.
  8. If you elect to pay full fees upfront, you will receive a copy of our eBook after the completion of this course.
  9. Workbooks will be sent to the email address listed on your application form.
  10. There are NO live workshops in this course. This is a self-paced course and all workbooks must be submitted by the due date if you wish to receive feedback. Any questions you have should be posted in the Facebook group forum and a moderator will reply as soon as possible.


Enrolment Agreement Terms

  1. By accepting these terms, the participant agrees to pay the Course fees (including GST) for the Course using the payment method selected on the enrolment form.
  2. The participant accepts that he/she is required to pay the full amount of the Course fees even if he/she does not complete the Course.
  3. If you elect for a payment plan and miss a payment, you will not receive the next workbook until payment has cleared. Failure to pay within 5 business days will mean you are immediately removed from the course.
  4. We will not “hold” a position in the course for prospective attendees. Only those who have applied and paid will be accepted into the course.
  5. The duration of the course is stated in the course description.
  6. Participants will not receive their certificate of completion until all fees have been paid in full and all workbooks have been completed and returned to the tutor.


Course Withdrawal and Refunds

  1. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the course that you chose to enrol into (this is in accordance with Australian Consumer Law).
  2. We understand that candidates may have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from undertaking the course. Where evidence can be provided to support your circumstances, course fees may be refunded as per the following:
    1. A full refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled before the commencement date (18 December, 2020) and/or if access to resources has not yet been provided.
    2. No refunds will be provided after the commencement date of the course.
    3. Discretion in assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with the Operations Manager who will assess refund applications on a case by case basis.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

We will only disclose information that we have about you:

  1. to the extent specifically required by Australian law; or
  2. for the purposes of this agreement (including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim), information provided by you is considered confidential and will not be divulged to any third party, nor will it be sold.
  3. Upon enrolment in the course, we may use the content from your emails in our marketing materials and on our website testimonials page, as well as send you a monthly newsletter. Please be assured that we respect your privacy and only comments related to course outcomes and student experiences will be mentioned.


Your Obligations

  1. All information provided to ISLPR Language Services (ILS) must be accurate.
  2. You must notify us of any changes to your contact details immediately.
  3. All work submitted to us must be your own work without plagiarism.
  4. You must accept that taking part in an online course does not guarantee that you will reach a desired level in a test.
  5. It is your responsibility to check your email inbox thoroughly (we do not accept responsibility for emails that are filtered to your junk inbox).
  6. All interactions with ILS staff and other students must be conducted politely and respectfully. ILS reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes abusive language or harassment, which could lead to cancellation of enrolment. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.

Code of Conduct Online

We respect other people's rights, and expect you to do the same:
  1. You will not post content or take any action on Facebook or Zoom that infringes or violates someone else's rights, is offensive or otherwise violates Australian law.
  2. If you collect information from other candidates (i.e. users in the Facebook group or Zoom workshops) you need to obtain their prior consent.
  3. You will not share anyone's identification documents or sensitive information.
  4. We can remove any content or information you post on Facebook or Zoom if we believe it violates this statement of our policies.
  5. You will not use our copyrights or Trademarks or any confusingly similar marks, except as expressly permitted by ISLPR Language Services with our prior written consent.

Copyright and Proprietary Property

  1. This course is the copyrighted proprietary property of ISLPR Language Services. You will also receive links to materials that are the copyrighted proprietary property of third parties. No part of any course materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means or translated into any language, without the prior written consent of ISLPR Language Services.