How to Book an ISLPR Test

Watch our how-to video below to familiarise yourself with the booking procedure. When you are ready to proceed, click the button below to proceed to our booking portal.

If you are not sure which test you need to apply for, please read our blog: “What is the difference between an Academic, Professional and Vocational Test?”

Book a test

Sydney Testing

We now have a local tester in Sydney that conducts ISLPR tests every Friday from a Sydney CBD location. To view dates, please click here. To book a test with our local tester, please click here.

Due to the demand in Sydney, ILS  can also travel to Sydney to conduct ISLPR tests. Our list of proposed travel dates are published here. We must emphasise that these dates are subject to change if borders close again.

Off-site testing

We are happy to test overseas, interstate or elsewhere in Queensland. The test fee is increased to cover transport and other costs (interstate or overseas testing fees). As a general rule, we will only travel interstate or overseas if the demand suffices. That is, we will only test interstate when there is a minimum 10-12 candidates and overseas when there is a minimum 20 candidates. This allows us to divide the interstate/overseas travel fee more efficiently among candidates. For more information read here.

ISLPR Victoria

There is an ISLPR Centre in Victoria. Please visit their website to book a test.